StarScanner Telescope
StarScanner Telescope
StarScanner Telescope
StarScanner Telescope
StarScanner Telescope
StarScanner Telescope

StarScanner Telescope

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This StarScanner Astronomical Telescope can be a good observation of the moon, stars and terrestrial objects - best for kids or beginner. Featuring all coated glass optical components, the Travel Astronomical Telescope provides clean, crisp views. Developed with the traveler in mind, this travel scope features a compact and portable design perfect for the on-the-go sky gazer.






1X refractor telescope

1X Adjustable Tripod

1X 5X24 search scope

1X 45 ° upright zenith mirror

2 X 1.25 "Waiter's Eyepieces (K25mm, K6mm)

1X Metallic lunar filter

1X 3X Barlow

1X constellation diagram



  • If the image is out of focus, adjust the focus with the focus wheel.
  • Please open the window when observing an outdoor destination with an astronomical telescope indoors.


StarScanner Telescope ™ with 5X24 search scope 3X Barlow and lunar filter

45 ° upright zenith mirror, waiter eyepieces, all-optic glass, and multiple coating design

What is the most important thing for a child or novice telescope?

Our patience is limited. Especially for children and beginners. A good children's entry-level telescope should be easy to install and watch. It can observe the moon clearly and sharply. You can easily adjust and wear the telescope.

Luckily, our telescope can meet such requirements.




  • 70MM FMC all-optic glass and two 1.25 "waiter eyepieces increase light transmission, and Zenit mirror provides upright images, guaranteeing the most realistic and clearest moon possible.
  • Search scope aims lenses easily. The adjustable tripod fits well for kids adults. 180 ° in vertical and 360 ° in horizontal direction adjustable. This guarantees easy observation.
  • Moon filter protects the eyes near a full moon period, the constellation diagram helps you to easily find a constellation.
  • With Handy Adapter you can take pictures of the moon and share them with friends. This guarantee, the observation is interesting. Children will not be bored with this activity.
  • Pre-assembled and can be assembled without tools. Easy to install and carry. Unique dark blue look, good gift for kids. Adult Birthday Christmas.






16.1-51.6 inch aluminum retractable tripod

The adjustable height and direction of the tripod is convenient for observation and easy to stow.

The solid aluminum tripod and its feet are more stable and durable.

The height can be adjusted from 16.1 inches to 51.6 inches.

How do I focus the telescope?

Remove the dust cover from the main body and insert it into a small magnification eyepiece first.

Adjust the body tube to focus on the observed target. Look for a large object (eg house) that is close to the target.

Use the finderscope to aim at the target and bring it to the center of the field of view. Turn the dial.



Which enlargement? - Select the right eyepiece



  • Magnification = focal length / eyepiece
  • Always start with your K25mm eyepiece.
  • It offers you smaller magnification but the larger field of observation.
  • Once you have found an object and the image is clear, you can switch to the K6mm eyepiece.





















Updated Type C telephone adapter

The compact and lightweight, updated phone adapter is easy to take wherever you go. The operation is easier to assemble for amazing pictures and videos than before. You can enjoy our video for product viewing.


Adjustable viewing angle and position

The telescope is adjustable in the vertical direction by 180 ° and in the horizontal direction by 360 °.

You can turn the telescope on a handle to find the target.


Constellation diagram + 3X Barlow lens

The 3X Barlow lens increases the magnification three times, which can increase the magnification 180 times.

The constellation diagram helps you to easily find a constellation. It is a good guide for children or beginners of astronomy.


Metal Moon Filter

At or near a full moon period, the moon is too bright due to the spotlight effect of the telescope to see details.

The lunar filter thus improves better observation.

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